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Jeff Stankard, President
Rick Wasson, Vice-President

Airport News

For information about the Delphi Airport, please contact 765-564-6378.

New Lighting Guides

Today new, up to date runway lighting guides pilots to the runway - to be lengthened to a minimum 4,000 feet in the near future - where they can refuel at credit card capable aviation approved auto fuel and 100LL avgas pumps. With professional aviation design engineer Ken Ross, New Generation Consulting, on board, further improvements - for example additional hangar space, instrument guided landing and takeoff ability - will continue to grow the airport for the future.
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The Delphi Municipal Airport is a thriving, growing facility serving the city of Delphi, Indiana, and surrounding areas including Carroll County, Lafayette/West Lafayette - home of Purdue University, and the Indiana Beach resort area of Monticello.
It is located at 8296 W. Division Line Road south of Delphi, between CR 800 W and 900 W.  It is home to about 25 aircraft and includes an office and lounge area as well as a 2,900-foot paved runway.  FAA details are available at AirNav.
For a brief respite the administration building is always available with a beverage machine, restroom and comfortable chairs. With advance notice by calling (765) 564-9658, ground transportation by loaner car or a narrated Trolley tour can be provided to historic Delphi. The local attractions of Delphi including the Wabash & Erie Canal Park, the Delphi Opera House, historic hiking biking trails, museums, antique stores, and quaint restaurants are ideal for fly-in visitors whether on business or pleasure.

First developed in 1969, this local General Aviation airport came about through the inspiration of local businessmen and farmers who understood the importance of air transportation to rural areas and growing small town communities. In the early 1980s the Delphi Board of Aviation Commissioners began boosting visibility of the airport in the public eye, and by the end of the 20th century with the help of Airport Entitlement funding, began making needed improvements.
Airport Info

2900¹ x 60¹, North/South runway
25 Single Engine Based Aircraft
Administration Building
87 Auto and 100LL fuel pumps   
Fuel 24/7 Credit Card capable
Meeting Room
Restroom Facilities
Public Phone
Soda Vending Machine
Hangar Rental