Clerk-Treasurer Duties Print
According to the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns (IACT) publication,Indiana Elected Officials' Handbook:

The fiscal affairs of the city are placed in the office of the Clerk-Treasurer. The Clerk-Treasurer, as fiscal affairs officer, has a variety of duties which often include the responsibility to:
  • Prescribe the form of reports to be rendered to her department, and inspect and revise the accounts of all other departments;
  • Audit the accounts of other departments and submit a report at the end of each fiscal year on the accounts of the city;
  • Maintain separate accounts for each specific item of appropriation made by the council to each department, and require all warrants to state specifically against which of such items the warrant is drawn;
  • Sign and issue all orders for money upon the city treasury;
  • Retain charge of all books in her department;
  • Inspect and pay, or refuse to pay under certain conditions, all warrants presented;
  • Perform certain tasks in the negotiation and sale of city securities, and keep a register of all bonds of the city when so required, and an account of outstanding securities;
  • Manage and direct the finance and accounts of the city and make investments of city monies;
  • Issue all city licenses; and
  • Prescribe the payroll and accounts forms to be used in the departments and offices.

The Clerk-Treasurer is the secretary and record keeper for the Common Council, Board of Public Works and Safety, Sanitary Board of Trustees and the Water Works Board of Trustees. As Clerk of the Common Council, the Clerk-Treasurer has the responsibility to:
  • Keep records of council proceedings and have charge of all papers relating to its business;
  • Prepare and keep an Ordinance Book;
  • Have charge of all documents and books entrusted to her by statute or ordinance; and
  • Keep the city seal.
The Clerk-Treasurer is authorized to appoint deputies and employees subject to authorization or approval of the City Council. Such deputies and employees serve at the pleasure of the Clerk-Treasurer.