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The Delphi Board of Public Works & Safety

Anita Werling
Mayor Anita Werling
Dick Bradshaw
   Spencer Kingery
Breanna Maxwell
Breanna Maxwell

Each city must have a Board of Public Works and Safety. In a third class city, the Board of Public Works and Safety consists of three members, one of whom is the Mayor. The remaining two members are appointed by the Mayor. Board members must be residents of the city but may hold other municipal appointed or elected offices (IC 36-4-9-8). The Clerk-Treasurer is the clerk of the board.

In the City of Delphi, Mayor Anita Werling, Spencer Kingery, and Kamron Yates serve on the Board of Public Works and Safety, with Clerk-Treasurer Leanne Aldrich serving as clerk.

The Board has broad statutory grants of power to enable it to carry out its functions. The public safety function includes law enforcement and fire protection; the specific powers are generally contained in IC 36-8. The public works function includes control over streets, sanitation, transportation, and sewers.

The Mayor appoints the Police Chief and City Engineer, who generally have day-to-day responsibilities for the administration of  law enforcement and public works, respectively. In most cities these appointees work closely with the Board of Public Works and Safety.

2023 — Meetings — 5:15 PM 

Meetings will be held on the first and third Mondays of the month unless that Monday is a Holiday; in such cases the meeting will be held on Tuesday. The time will be 5:15 PM and the location will be the City of Delphi Community Center, 311 N. Washington Street. Note that a virtual option is generally available. Contact  to request a Zoom link. Meetings will also be livestreamed on the City of Delphi Facebook page.

January 3* April 3 July 3 October 2
January 16 April 17 July 17 October 16
February 6 May 1 August 7 November 6
February 21* May 15 August 21 November 20
March 6 June 5 September 5* December 4
March 20 June 19  September 18 December 18

*Indicates meeting held on Tuesday following a Monday holiday.