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Trash and Recycling Information

Delphi Trash pickup is generally on Tuesdays. Trash toter must be out by 6AM on day of pickup. All trash must be bagged. Not accepted are styrofoam, electronics, or building materials. You can also take trash and recycling to the Carroll County Transfer Station (see hours below).

Delphi Curbside recycling is available for Delphi residents for number 1 and 2 plastics, paper, magazines, cardboard, aluminum and tin cans. Recycling toter must be out by 6AM on day of recycling pickup.

2023 Recycling Dates 

January 12 May 4 August 24 December 14
January 26 May 18 September 8 December 28
February 9 June 2 September 21  
February 23 June 15 October 5  
March 9 June 29 October 19  
March 23 July 13 November 2  
April 6 July 27 November 16  
April 20 August 10 November 30  

What happens if my trash or recycling doesn't get picked up?

Trash Kans LLC is the contractor for trash collection and recycling in Delphi. If your trash or recycling gets missed, you need pickup for a bulk item, or your tote gets damaged, contact customer service for Trash Kans at 765-447-9000 or website at  Be sure to state Delphi in your call.

:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM; Closed on Wednesday.  Saturday 8:00 AM to noon

The following items can be brought to the recycling center 24 hrs/day and deposited in the appropriate bins:

  • Plastic No. 1 — water bottles and soda bottles
  • Plastic No. 2 — milk jugs, detergent jugs
  • Plastic No. 5 — colored plastic
  • Paper — newspaper, office paper, packing paper
  • Magazines — catalogs, slick inserts, glossy papers
  • Cardboard — corrugated, cereal boxes, other boxboard
  • Glass — brown, green, clear, blue
  • Aluminum cans — beverage cans, pie pans, aluminum foil
  • Steel cans — steel or tin cans, pots and pans, small metal items

The following recycling items are accepted only during business hours:

  • Electronics — computers, video devices, printers, cell phones, other
  • Tires (fees apply) $3/passenger ; $6/semi; $12/super semi; $40/tractor
  • Oil — motor oil, oil filters, antifreeze
  • Fluorescent lights — light tubes, CFLs
  • Appliances — washer, dryer, water heater, other items
  • Batteries — household, rechargeable, automotive, button batteries