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Code Enforcement

Delphi’s Code Enforcement Enters Its Third Year

In the spring of 2021, the City of Delphi established a new position to ensure that safety standards and quality of place are maintained throughout the community. The Code Enforcement Officer does that by looking for health and safety concerns, such as a caving-in porch or garage, an unruly yard, or inoperable or unplated vehicles parked in yards or alleys. 

The Code Enforcement position is a contracted one. The ideal candidate would be self-motivated with strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail. Lou Hayden--the current code enforcer-- fits that bill. He is working in the community answering questions and concerns from residents. 

When Hayden finds something that is a violation of a code or a safety risk, he first sends out a Courtesy Notice attaching a photograph to ensure that the homeowner understands what is wrong. If no action is taken by the homeowner, the next step would be a Notice of Violation. This notice warns that if no action is taken, the city could hire a contractor to address the problem. If corrective action still does not take place, the homeowner will receive a third and final Notice to Abate. If the city has to take corrective action, the homeowner will receive a bill from the Clerk’s Office for the costs of the abatement.

Homeowners sometimes find themselves unable to meet the deadlines stated in the notifications. “As the Code Enforcement Officer for Delphi, I understand that sometimes you have a question or concern about a notice you might have received. I am here to answer any questions and will strive to give time where needed for you to address concerns. If you have a reason that you might not be able to meet a stated time frame, please contact me so that we can work together to ensure that the issues are addressed with a little grace along the way if needed,” Hayden commented.

The same applies to abandoned or inoperable vehicles. After the proper notice period the city will have the vehicle towed. The vehicle owner would then have to pay the tow service and if they want to reclaim the vehicle, they will need to show proper registration and ensure that it is operable.

The goal of the code enforcer is to bring problem properties into compliance, improving neighborhoods for all. By enforcing its codes, Delphi aims to make the community safe and aesthetically pleasing for current and future residents alike.

For any questions or concerns contact code enforcer Lou Hayden, at 
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