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Delphi Announces Installation of New Water Meters

State-of-the-art water meters will be installed throughout the City of Delphi beginning Thursday, January 27th and continuing for several weeks. The new meters are lead-free iPERL meters which have no moving parts and maintain their accuracy over a 20-year lifetime. They will replace AccuSTREAM meters currently in the system which have a 15-year lifespan, and which can show some degradation in accuracy over time. The AccuSTREAM meters in the current system are past their half-life. The iPERL meters will be set to record usage at 1 cubic foot compared with 10 cubic feet for the old meters. This will greatly increase the ability to detect leaks in the system, particularly for customers. Once the changeover is complete, the City of Delphi will utilize Sensus Analytics for data management of the system. Instant reading of water consumption will then be possible making leak detection more rapid and providing quicker customer service.

Meter installation will be handled by Advanced Utility Services (AUS) whose installers and vehicles will be marked. The South Hill in Delphi will be the first area to receive the new meters. For each meter, the changeout is expected to require no longer than 30 minutes during which time the water will be turned off. After the changeout, residents may experience some air in their lines or slight discoloration of the tap water. Letting the water run for several minutes will clear these conditions. If questions arise, or the conditions persist, please contact the Water Department at 765-564-3944.

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